Here there are all codes you should put on your site linking back this url:


You have to fill the join form providing a working mail address and a simple username without strange characters or long chains of numbers. If necessary I will edit your name.

If you want to apply a website of yours, it hasn't to be a general website. You should have there the codes from other fanlistings you have joined to. This is the reason why general website are not allowed. There should be somewhere a link which leads to the codes. SO if you have a website and you'd like to see it listed here you must put a code (or a text link) on it linking back the fanlisting to . Please, do not remove www, otherwise the URL won't work.

  No porn/razist/violent sites are allowed.

  DO NOT HOTLINK THE CODES. Save them on your own server. If you don't know what "hot-link" means go here.