kayano saito

Kayano Saito is a seventeen year-old girl, who lives alone with her mother after her father's death. At the beginning of the manga she is in love with a classemate of hers, Yuichi Kamijo, the basketball captain of her school. The day Kayano decides to confess her feelings for him, she wrongly delivers her love letter to Takeru Edogawa, also known for being a Devil and the son on the school principal.

Takeru starts threatening Kayano to reveal her love for Kamijo and forces her to became his slave. When Kayano's mother and Takeru's father confess their love for each other, both Kayano and Takeru start living under the same roof as brother and sister. Slowly the two of them fall in love with each other, while the family affairs will become more and more complicated until the end of the manga.

Kayano is a funny character thanks to her sweetness and thoughtlessness. She appears like a shy and fragile child, who increases her strength step by step.

In the Taiwanese drama Devil Beside You - which is based on the Japanese manga Akuma de Souro - the role of Kayano is played by the talented chinese actress Rainie Yang.

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